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eBay Global*
Founded in September of 1995, eBay.com is a
global online marketplace where practically
anyone can trade practically anything.
eBay Inc. has a global presence in 39 markets,including the U.S.
Marketplaces have more than 145 million active users worldwide.
In Q1 2014, gross merchandise volume (GMV), the total value of all successfully closed items
on eBay Inc.'s trading platforms, was $20.5 billion.
Marketplaces net revenues totaled $2.2 billion in Q1 2014.
eBay users worldwide trade $2,642 worth of goods on the site every second.
The most expensive item sold on eBay to date is a private business jet for $4.9 million.
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eBay India
eBay India (www.ebay.in), India's leading eCommerce marketplace, is a 100% subsidiary of eBay Inc.
eBay India has over 2.1 million active users. These users come from over 4,306 cities in India.
eBay India has over 2.6 million Facebook fans on www.facebook.com/ebaydotin.
Over 92% of all eBay India shoppers pay via Paisa Pay - a secure online payment gateway enabling credit card, debit cards, net banking, EMI, mobile payments & cash cards.
At any given time, there are over 1.1 million live listings on eBay India (www.ebay.in) across 2,000 categories of products in Electronics, Lifestyle, Collectibles & Media verticals.
Approximately 30,000 sellers sell on eBay India annually.
eBay India can be accessed on the mobile web on m.ebay.in & via a suite of Mobile Apps for the iPhone, the iPad, the Android, Windows & Nokia platforms.
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Why "Sell on eBay"?
145 million active users worldwide
Presence in 39 markets
Low Cost = Improved Profitability
Better cash flow through higher inventory turns
Low setup cost, needs only a computer with internet
Greater ROI through high-end SEO program & sustained IM activities
Advance payment from buyer
Integrated payment gateway to accept payment from across the world
Shop is open 24X7
Chat and Email support for buyers
Sales tracking & Management, Free listing tools
On an average day on eBay India
A mobile accessory sells every 14 seconds.
A piece of home or living product sells every 1 minute.
A perfume or cosmetic product sells every 1 minute.
A car or bike accessory sells every 1 minute.
A mobile handset sells every 2 minutes.
A portable storage device sells every 2 minutes.
A coin or a note sells every 2 minutes.
A piece of apparel sells every 2 minutes.
A kitchenware product sells every 4 minutes.
A watch sells every 4 minutes.
A fitness & sports item sells every 4 minutes.
A stamp sells every 4 minutes.
A home appliance sells every 4 minutes.
A piece of jewellery sells every 4 minutes.
A toy sells every 5 minutes.
A pair of footwear sells every 7 minutes.
A book or magazine sells every 9 minutes.
A baby care product sells every 11 minutes.
A pair of sunglasses sells every 14 minutes.
A handbag sells every 17 minutes.
A laptop sells every 18 minutes.
A tablet sells every 19 minutes.
A digital camera sells every 25 minutes.
A TV sells every 27 minutes.
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