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eBay Explained
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is easy and safe. If you are looking at selling your old mobile phone, clearing the clutter in your house or planning to start a business, eBay is the right place for you.

This 5-step guide will take you through the steps to get started with selling.

1 Create a Seller's Account
To sell on eBay you need to register and get verified as a seller.

If you are not a registered user on eBay, click the "register" link available at the top of any eBay page and complete the registration process.
After completing the registration process, click the "Create a seller's account" link and get yourself verified through either one of the following methods:

-SMS (immediate)
-Credit Card ( Manual Verification)

To be able to sell on eBay India, you also need to offer PaisaPay as a payment method. PaisaPay is eBay's payment service that will allow you to receive online payments from your buyers through credit card and online bank transfer. It is mandatory to complete registration for PaisaPay to be able to list items on eBay India.
Learn more about PaisaPay.

Click here to Register with PaisaPay

2 Prepare your item
Before you start selling on eBay, it is important to do some research.
Use the Completed Item search available in the Advanced Search section to research the following:

- What category are items listed in
- What is the price / shipping charges other sellers charge for their listing
- Review the item description / pictures and titles of others listings

This will give you a good idea of the item title, pricing, and description of items that closed successfully.

Before you begin creating your listing, remember to take a photograph of the item and save it to your computer.
Prepare your item

3 List the item for sale
You are now ready to list your product for sale. All you have to do is submit the following details of your product on the easy-to-use Sell Your Item form:

Select the item category - If you are not sure which category your product falls under, enter a keyword of your item in the search box and click the Sell It button. Select the category most relevant to your product.
Enter the title - The item title plays a very important role in attracting buyers to your listings. Include as many keywords as possible and describe the item in the best possible manner.

- If a buyer searches with a keyword, your item will turn up in search results that match that keyword.
- While browsing the categories, the first thing the seller sees about your item is the title.

List the item for sale
Add pictures - The next step is to add a photograph of the product. To add a photograph you must have a picture saved on your computer. Click the Add Pictures button. A pop-up window opens up. Choose the picture(s) saved on your computer and click the Upload button.

Tip: It is always good to add 2 to 3 photographs of the item taken from various angles. You can add up to 3 photographs absolutely free.

Enter a description - Your description needs to provide buyers with all the information they need. Include information such as brand, age, condition, features - the more complete the detail the better.

Choose a selling format - Select Auction to offer your buyers the exciting option of bidding on your item. Enter the start price (price at which you want the bidding activity to start). You can also add a Buy It Now price to your auction to offer a fixed price along with the auction. Buyers can then choose to place a bid at the start price or make an instant purchase at the Buy It Now price.

If you want to offer the product only at a fixed price, then simply click the Fixed Price tab and enter the price at which you want to offer the item.
Choose payment methods - Select the payment methods that you are willing to accept from your buyers. It is recommended to offer as many options to your buyers. On eBay, you can offer the following:

- PaisaPay (Mandatory)
- Cash on Delivery
- Cheque
- Demand Draft
- Buyer Picks Up and Pays

Important: PaisaPay is a mandatory payment method on all eBay India items. New sellers who have listed less than 20 listings, will be able to offer only PaisaPay. After completing 20 listings, sellers will be able to offer other payment methods along with PaisaPay.

Select the item category - If you are not sure which category your product falls under, enter a keyword of your item in the search box and click the Sell It button.

Specify shipping charges - Enter the shipping charges the buyer will have to pay in addition to the price of the item.
Click the Save and Continue button.
Select Gallery - That's it! The last step is to select Gallery and submit the listing. Gallery displays a thumbnail image of your product while the buyer is searching / browsing through the category pages.
It's that simple! Buyers will now see your listing in search results and on category pages.
List the item for sale

4 Track your listing

Once you have created your listing, you can see the status in your My eBay. The selling section will show you how many questions you have from buyers, number of bids, details of the winning bidder, payment status and more.

Click here to know more about My eBay.

5 Receive payment and complete the sale
Send an invoice Once you receive an order, you will receive an email from eBay confirming the sale of your item. Go to your My eBay to send your buyer an invoice. Receive payment If the buyer has chosen to pay you through PaisaPay, await a payment confirmation mail from PaisaPay.
Selling with PaisaPay also involves additional steps. Learn more.

If the buyer has chosen to send you a cheque or demand draft, send the product only after the cheque or demand draft has been cleared.

Remember - Do not send the product unless you have received a confirmation from PaisaPay that the payment is received.
Prepare your item
Shipping After receiving payment, pack the product and ship it to your buyer. Ensure that you email the buyer with the shipping details. For PaisaPay transactions ensure that you enter the shipping details in the PaisaPay System.

Leave feedback for the buyer based on your experience with the transaction and encourage the buyer to leave feedback for you. This helps build your credibility and reputation on the site.

You are now ready to start selling!

Create a Seller's Account Start Selling Now!

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